Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another malpractice trial blogged in real time

But this time the blogging was done by an outsider, not the defendant. A malpractice action brought by Notre Dame head football coach Charlie Weis over complications following gastric bypass surgery was decided in favor of the defendants. Attorney blogger Eric Turkewitz reports on the verdict and provides links, including one to the sports blog which provided real time coverage.This, by the way, was the retrial of that case which was declared a mistrial after defendant doctors rushed to the aid of an ill juror.Turkewitz’s take on the verdict?

Nationwide, approximately 2/3 of all malpractice verdicts favor the defendants. This occurs because, generally speaking, it is usually the most difficult of cases that go to verdict, and due to juries favoring physicians over patients according to a recent Michigan Law Review study.

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