Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's been a good week (nonmedical)

I had some time off last week, so my wife and I joined the RW sibs in our home town (and the place we generally converge for family reunions), St. Louis. In addition to family time the trip afforded me an opportunity to visit some old haunts and play with my Sony Cyber-shot, some results of which are shown. I could have spent an entire day or two grabbing images of the architectural wonders of my beloved St. Louis, but I tried the patience of my family just to get these. (They'd probably think I was being dorky).

Above is the view looking east down Market Street. Union Station is on the right. The building on the left in front of the Arch is the St. Louis Civil Courts building.

Below is Aloe Plaza, across Market Street from Union Station.

Finally, a shot of my kid bro showing off atop the steps of Brookings Hall on the beautiful campus of his alma mater, Washington University.

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