Monday, July 23, 2007

A little self congratulation

Today is blogiversary two for Notes from Dr. RW and I almost forgot. Perhaps this would be a good time to reflect on a few things that have occurred to me in two years of blogging.

Go with the flow and don’t be rigid.
Although the “Notes” set out to be a clinical blog I find that I have ventured into the politics of medicine more than originally intended. As such it has become a mix of about 50% clinical content and 50% miscellaneous ranting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Blog about things that stoke the fire in the belly, I say!

When people disagree with you, don’t sweat it.
Detractors go with the territory in blogging. It would be boring if everyone agreed with you. Besides, detractors help you sharpen your arguments by pointing out the weaknesses.

Don’t take things too seriously.
The demise of several blogs in recent months generated a lot of discussion about blogging safety issues. Blog smart and exercise reasonable care but don’t obsess over the hazards or it’ll drive you crazy.

Keep blogging in perspective.
If it quits being fun or is taking too much of your time, slow it down!

Thanks to all the loyal readers and supporters!

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