Friday, August 01, 2008

If your blog has Sitemeter

----chances are it won’t open in Internet Explorer. Sitemeter developed an issue today and IE is vulnerable. Firefox works fine. The fix? Go into your template and remove the code for Sitemeter. Be sure to copy and paste your template into a Notepad file so you can restore things if you mess something up.

That’s what I did. I guess I’ll have to live without tracking my stats until I find another blog tracking service or Sitemeter fixes the bug.


Clinical Cases and Images - Blog said...

You can try Google Analytics:

I have both that tracker and SiteMeter.

Anonymous said...

I use Stat Counter and it's been great:

Shane said...

My preference is the Google Analytics and StatCounter combination. By running both I get the real-time stats of StatCounter, plus the more reliable, more respected stats of Analytics--not to mention *much* more information than I get with StatCounter.

SiteMeter is shifty anyway: