Thursday, November 06, 2008

Disruptive behavior policies---they’re not just about doctors anymore

Today’s Hospitalist interviewed Alan H. Rosenstein, MD, MBA, a long time hospital based physician who has authored several papers on the subject. He notes:

“It’s not physician-bashing,” says Alan H. Rosenstein, MD, MBA, the lead author of the August 2008 study. “And it’s not just physicians who are doing this.”

Traditional discussions on the issue in past years have focused on doctors, but Joint Commission standards set to go into effect in January will now apply to all personnel in the hospital environment, where a zero tolerance policy is recommended.

Regarding hospitalists:

Where do hospitalists fit into this picture? According to Dr. Rosenstein, who began his career as a hospital-based physician before the term “hospitalist” existed, hospitalists tend to be more on the receiving end of bad behavior than on its delivery.

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