Sunday, August 30, 2009

CME in Wyoming

The first day’s sessions have ended. Two more half days to go. I’ve been pouring over my syllabus, driving my wife crazy. Every year I leave this conference wondering how they could possibly make it better, but it seems they always succeed.

I’m not actually blogging in real time during the sessions; over the next few days as time permits I’ll try and post impressions on those topics that interest me most.

The organizers of the conference told me that funding is an increasing challenge. This year the registration fees were offset by one drug company, several device companies, a couple of genomics firms and a couple of non-profits. Efforts at funding are, of necessity, becoming increasingly creative. Although there is as yet no official ban on industry support for CME, public pressure from the pharmascolds is making an impact. One of these days they will get their way and shut this conference down, but I am hoping it will keep going for a few more years, and that is the intent of the organizers.

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