Sunday, August 16, 2009

The problem with HR 3200

---is that it is so vague. It's nearly inscrutable although there are some suggestions, such as making end of life counseling a performance measure, that raise real red flags.

Tothesource describes the problem this way:

There is one more important concern rarely mentioned in the debate about this complicated and mind-numbingly arcane bill. The legislation is only the general outline, the skeleton if you will—of what the remade American health care system would ultimately look like if the bill becomes law. The flesh and blood would be created beneath the public radar by unelected bureaucrats in the federal departments and agencies through the promulgation of thousands of additional pages of rules and regulations. Thus, whatever bill is ultimately passed, it will still be a pig in a poke. The devil, as they say, will be in the regulatory details.

Wesley Smith, commenting on the piece, said:

That is why it is foolish to pass a 1000+-page bill that is long on indecipherability as well as dead trees. We don’t want decisions that will legally impact so centrally on life, death, health, and welfare, left to unelected bureaucratic regulators.

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