Thursday, November 18, 2010

The impact of state midterm elections on the future of health care reform

Republican gains in the US House and Senate were impressive enough, but the sweep was even more massive in the state races. Much of the machinery of reform will play out at the state level where it could get gummed up or even grind to a halt, as Wesley Smith explains:

This isn’t healthy for America.  But when you pass a profoundly unpopular law over the pronounced objections of the American people–in a system that requires the consent of the governed– it is naive (at best) to think people will just shrug and go along.

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Mark @ Israel said...

I don't think people will just go along with Obamacare now that the Republicans are in charge. There will most likely be chaos because of the health care law. But we hope that the lawmakers will act and decide on what is best for the people.