Monday, September 14, 2015

Benefits of statin use after ishcemic stroke

From the PROSPER study:

From 2007-2011, 77,468 patients who were not taking statins at the time of admission were hospitalized with ischemic stroke; of these, 71% were discharged on statin therapy. After adjustment, statin therapy at discharge was associated with a lower hazard (hazard ratio; 95% confidence interval) of MACE (0.91; 0.87, 0.94), 28 more home-time days following discharge (p less than 0.001), and lower all-cause mortality and readmission. Statin therapy at discharge was not associated with increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke (0.94; 0.72, 1.23). Among statin-treated patients, 31% received a high-intensity dose; after risk adjustment, these patients had similar outcomes compared with moderate-intensity recipients.

Conclusions—In older ischemic stroke patients who were not taking statins at the time of admission, discharge statin therapy was associated with lower risk of MACE and nearly a month more home-time during the 2-year period post-hospitalization.

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