Friday, May 11, 2007

UK health system gets bad report card from Karolinska Institute

High cancer mortality due to lack of access to new drugs noted. Check it out here.

Bloggers’ reactions:

Blue Crab Boulevard

Captain’s Quarters

Finally, Socialized Medicine weighs in with some reflections on single payer health---

The other thing that worries me about socialized medicine is that there is no incentive there for the best-and-the-brightest to undertake the arduous work (and heavy cost) of obtaining medical degrees, so that they can be under the power of the Government, rather than allowed to strike out on their own. Then who will be our next doctors? The second tier students? The third? Socialism too often is a showcase for mediocrity. It doesn't work. The private sector is imperfect, and there are certainly issues within our health care system that need addressing, particularly for the un-insured, but throwing us into this fresh hell is not the answer.

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