Sunday, July 08, 2007

The American Medical Student Association flunks the Quackometer test

I’ve cited many examples of quackery promotion by the AMSA before, but have not subjected the organization to any sort of quantitative analysis. So, I decided to plug their url into the Quackometer and this is what I found:

This web site is using lots of alternative medicine terms. It is full of scientific jargon that is out of place and probably doesn't know the meaning of any of the terms. It shows no sceptical awareness and so should be treated with a suspicious mind.

Now the Quackometer, mind you, is an experiment in whether quacky web sites can be identified by automation. Take that for what it’s worth. But its “reading” on AMSA pretty well matches my own observations.

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Anonymous said...

We can add the American Nursing Association to the list of quack sites! It said: "This person has significant Quackery associated with them on the web!"

Of course, hardly needed the Quackometer to know that! :-)