Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dr. Anonymous returns

As many of you know, Dr. Anonymous recently put his blog on hiatus. Well, he’s back blogging now, expansive and upbeat as ever. Concerning his radio show, due to return March 27, he gives us this tease:

Boy, will I have lots to talk about. So much so, that I'm not even scheduling a guest. It will be me talking about stuff and you calling in and telling me what's been happening with you. First of all, I'll kind of talk about what happened for me to take the blog break in the first place.

That should be interesting. Anyway, glad you’re back, Dr. A.

1 comment:

Dr. A said...

Thanks so much for your well wishes and for mentioning my blog/show. Yes, I'll have lots to talk about and hope you will be able to listen to the show.