Friday, January 09, 2009

If there is a bright spot in tight inpatient glycemic control

---it may be in the early perioperative period (OR through ICU discharge) for cardiac surgical patients:

In non-diabetics, strict perioperative blood glucose control was associated with a reduced incidence of renal impairment (P=0.01) and failure (P=0.02) scoring according to RIFLE criteria, as well as a reduced incidence of acute postoperative dialysis (from 3.9% in Control to 0.7% in Insulin; P<0.01). Thirty-day mortality was lower in the Insulin than in the Control group (1.2 vs. 3.6%; P=0.02), representing a 70% decrease in non-diabetics (P<0.05) and 56.1% in diabetics (NS).

Via Critical Care.

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