Thursday, January 08, 2009

Telemetry monitoring overutilized

The overuse of telemetry monitoring in step-down units may create bed control problems for hospitals, congesting the ICU and the ER. There are some high yield situations in which telemetry monitoring is indispensable. Other uses of telemetry, like rapid response teams, are popular but lacking in terms of evidence of effectiveness.

A literature review in the November issue of the American Journal of Emergency Medicine helps sort out the evidence based from the non-evidence based uses.

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Christian Sinclair, MD said...

Oh how I wish more people would think about telemetry overuse. I have always found it to be overused. I occasionally get push back when I suggest to discontinue it. And the beeping, all the beeping on the telemetry floors. I am surprised the nurses do are not all bald from pulling their hair out!

I feel better now, thanks!