Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sidney Wolfe appointed to the FDA!?

When I first stumbled across this on a Medscape discussion thread I couldn’t quite believe it, but apparently it’s true. Any of you who follow the controversies about Pharma marketing and drug safety know about Dr. Wolfe, the controversial consumer activist who heads the Public Citizen Health Research Group.

Dr. Wolfe and his group have accomplished some good things in the field of drug safety. They called for a ban of several dangerous drugs, traced an epidemic of gram negative sepsis to contaminated IV fluids and have raised awareness of many adverse drug effects. In the minds of many, though, these accomplishments have been overshadowed by consumer fear mongering, questionable research and reporting methods and an agenda against organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Consider, for example, their black list of drugs concerning which they warn consumers “do not use”. Actose, Avandia, Singulair and Tricor are on that list and at one time so was metformin. UCSF, UCSD and the University of Massachusetts are on this list of Questionable Hospitals. Public Citizen also publishes a list of Questionable Doctors. Read here about the damaged reputation of one doctor who landed on the list as a result of sloppy fact checking.

The Wall Street Journal article says of Dr. Wolfe:

He has been so hostile to the FDA under President George W. Bush that he decried its 100th-anniversary celebration in 2006 as a "propaganda campaign" to hide its "unprecedented assault on the American public."

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Anonymous said...

Sid Wolfe's assault on natural thyroid meds (which have been around for over a century) is both insane and dangerous.
This guy needs to be brought up on a million plus attempted murder charges. Those of us on these meds simply cannot live on the synthetic T4 garbage that is considered "safe". It's all a money-grab.