Monday, February 02, 2009

Darvon’s days may be numbered

The FDA may be about to yank it after decades of use. According to the CNN report:

The FDA said a review of its adverse-event reporting data base showed 3,028 serious and non-serious reports from 1957 through Sept. 24, 2008, associated with propoxyphene. Of those, 2,136 reports were considered serious and included 1,452 deaths. Many of the serious-event reports included reports of suicides, intentional drug overdoses, heart attacks and unintentional drug overdoses, the FDA said. The agency said some of the serious adverse-event reports also listed more than one type of drug.

That’s nothing compared to the methadone body count, so why pick on little old Darvon? Well, they were under pressure from Public Citizen. They sued to get the FDA’s attention.

More here in a great post from Dr. Wes.

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