Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boozman vs Lincoln---ObamaCare revisited

In the aftermath of ObamaCare I find myself increasingly amazed at the prescience of Nancy Pelosi. She said we had to pass the bill in order to find out what it contained. That's why the real debate has to take place after passage, occasioned by such things as the Berwick appointment and, soon, the midterm elections. During the presidential campaign the health care debate centered on platitudes. Now it's about issues of substance, fact and real consequences.

One race to watch closely this year will be the election for U.S. Senator from Arkansas. Blanche Lincoln, the historically very popular Democratic incumbent, finds herself challenged by John Boozman, Republican Representative from the third congressional district (my neck of the woods). The health care reform debate will undoubtedly be played out in this election, as it will in many others this year, and Lincoln is in trouble because of her support of the bill.

The CMPI recently interviewed Boozman about the impact of ObamaCare on the upcoming elections.

Congressman John Boozman (R,AR) from CMPI on Vimeo.

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