Friday, July 30, 2010

Missouri Prop C

This should be interesting to watch on August 3. Here's a little background. H/T to Gateway Pundit.

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By Amitai Etzioni, Special to CNN
August 2, 2010

There is a saying in Washington that one should never see the ways laws and sausages are made. Well, many people are choking on them even without knowing how they were concocted.

Those of us who follow politics closely have become inured to the fact that the bills that are finally enacted (often after months of haggling, slicing and dicing) are loaded with earmarks that favor some congressional districts or industry and are riddled with exceptions for special interests.

You may not wonder why the auto dealers won exemptions in Congress from the new financial regulations. But the behind-the-scene deals the White House has made are enough to make you sick.

These include deals with private hospitals to drop the public option in exchange for their support of the health care bill and with the pharmaceutical industry to block Americans from purchasing low-cost drugs from other countries.

Some of us have learned to live with these maneuvers as long as something comes out at the other end.

However, many Americans are busy working or looking for a job, taking care of their families and trying to find some spare time to follow their favorite sports team and have a beer. But when they are made aware of these shenanigans, they are nauseated. As they should be.

It’s amazing how those with an agenda act like the present PPACA is the ONLY option for Missourian’s. It might be a good deal for Nebraska, Louisiana, Florida, etc. where you got a Cornhusker Kickback, were part of the Louisiana Purchase or got some Gatorade. It’s doubtful that all the Missourian’s who vote for Prop C want the status quo. It’s much more likely that they see the PPACA as balloon it really is: sold with winks, promises (that will not be kept), outright lies and back room deals galore. The truth is there in the 2,000 + pages of fine print – that most legislators still haven’t read. Shortly after PPACA passes, in was *discovered* that the cost estimate was way too low. Imagine that? And the program hasn’t even begun to roll downhill. Prop C is about telling the beltway to roll up their sleeves or be prepared to extricate Missouri’s size eleven as they fly through the door on the way out.