Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's new in the ABIM board review controversy?

Not much of immediate interest. The lawyers are getting busy but the wheels of justice, as everyone knows, turn slowly. I did find this recent piece:

The American Board of Internal Medicine's proposed sanctioning of 139 physicians by the ABIM for passing along and receiving exam questions from a test preparation company is getting messier.

Here's why. A lengthy appeals process is underway, with potentially 80 lawyers involved, which always means complexities and various paths toward getting to the truth. And questions are growing, at least in my mind, about whom exactly the ABIM is targeting.

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Anonymous said...

ABIM is targeting no one, except for being hellbound to ruin the careers of a very few...the "escape goats". They know their whole system is a flaw, when they first allowed ABR to run for approx. 20 years and when they thouht it was fraudulent, targeted 1% of those who attended this course over this period of 20 years, to hide their own incompetencies.