Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August recess

---for some relaxation and CME. I’m on the road headed for this meeting.

I didn’t promote the meeting the way I did last year because, up until relatively late this summer, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to take the time off from work. I’ve only missed two years since I first attended in 1981.

This year’s topics will include updates in CPR, cardiovascular genetics and coronary revascularization by the some of the world’s experts in those fields, Gordon Ewy, Robert Superko and Spencer King respectively. As a special treat Timothy Flemming will lecture about health care in New Zealand, the ultimate example of government controlled, single payer health care. He spends half of the year teaching and practicing there and half the year in the US, so this should be an interesting perspective. He made some informal observations on the subject last year.

Through all the vicissitudes of changing sponsorship and threats to CME funding the leaders of this meeting have managed to keep it going for 36 years. In recent years they’ve cobbled together financial support from drug companies, genetics companies, device makers and non-profits to keep the pharmascolds from shutting them down.

If time permits I will blog some of the highlights following each day’s sessions.

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