Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Learn woo from the Dream Healer and get CME credit

---at the Body Heals Conference. The bio describes Adam the Dream Healer as a “distant energy healer” who “uses energy healing in a unique way to merge the auras of all participants with healing intentions. Then he uses holographic views to energetically affect through intention those present.” Before you dismiss these methods note: “We would like to impress upon everyone that what Adam does is not mystical or magical. It is all based on science.”

There’s more. Learn the secrets of youthful aging from Dr. Norm Shealy. “Those with the essential healthy attitude and lifestyle will live an average of 100 years, and the wisest will choose habits to add another 40 years.”

And if you really want to pursue wellness, get a horse! Sandra Wallin, MA, RCC, BSc, Bed introduces the Equine Apothecary.

Additional sessions cover Qi Gong, homeopathic weapons against the coming influenza pandemic, the “fluoride deception” and cancer as a “moral illness.” I don’t think I’ve seen so much woo packed into one CME activity. My head is swimming.

Via the Health Fraud list.


EoR said...

Of course! Standing next to a horse! That's the cure for cancer! It's so obvious!

Oh, hang on. If cancer's a "moral illness", wouldn't it just be better to sit down and read the Bible to cure it?

Maronan said...

Well, given that this treatment is complete horseshit, it makes sense that they use actual horses.