Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grand Rounds 4.8 hosted by Dr. Anonymous

Dr. Anonymous hosts for the second time. (His first hosting was about this time last year and can be found here).

That’s not all! Dr. Anonymous and Grand Rounds custodian Nick Genes recently took turns interviewing each other. To get a double fix of musings and ruminations about blogging listen to Dr. Anonymous interview Nick Genes on Dr. Anonymous Live then check out Nick Genes’s Medscape Pre-Rounds interview of Dr. Anonymous.

This week’s edition was special because Dr. A performed the finishing touches and launched GR 4.8 live during the performance of his Internet radio show.

I’ve followed Dr. A’s activities with interest the last few days because he’s been in Tucson. I’m there now to attend the Mayo Clinic Hospital Medicine course and wondered if Dr. A was attending the same meeting. Listening to last night’s show, it turns out not to be. He left for home about the same time I arrived.

Anyhow, I’ll be blogging from Tucson for the next few days and sharing my impressions of the meeting as time permits.

Sorry I missed you, Dr. A!

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