Friday, November 16, 2007

Thoughts and impressions on hospital medicine CME

When scheduling conflicts prevented me from attending Bob Wachter’s Hospital Medicine Conference I consoled myself by signing up for Mayo Clinic’s Update in Hospital Medicine which I have been attending in Tucson for the last few days. Although it’s my first time at this course (the 4th annual) I’ve had prior experience with other Mayo CME and found that they have a knack putting together quality activities, exceptional in every detail. From my experience so far this meeting (but for one possible concern which I’ll explain below) is no exception.

Although singular in quality this program is like a lot of others. It has the traditional didactic lecture format and receives support from the pharmaceutical industry. Recently some extreme critics have called for the end of such programs. For me, though, this type of activity (parade of stars faculty, relaxed setting away from distractions) provides a uniquely effective learning experience.

And my concern about this meeting? It appears they’ve thrown in a little woo! I’ll reserve judgment at this point---the woo based content will be presented tomorrow. For all I know the lectures will be appropriately critical. If not, the course directors will get a piece of my mind on the evaluation form.

Time permitting I’ll post my observations tomorrow.

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