Friday, March 20, 2009

Can watching House and Gray’s Anatomy make you a better doctor?

Researchers at the University of British Columbia incorporated the TV shows into their IM residency curriculum and seem to think it helped residents learn communication skills. To me all the paper really showed was that the residents liked it.

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Christian Sinclair, MD said...

Thanks for featuring this article. I want to look into it further and post it on Pallimed.

A recent episode of House recently featured him on methadone for his chronic pain and he became a new person once his pain was controlled. Everyone thought it was so unlike him they thought he was abusing drugs and basically convinced him to get off methadone and become cranky again. Knowing how much you blog about methadone and QTc I thought you might find that interesting. I have a post (semi-written) planned to take House and Private Practice to task for misconstruing some end of life care issues. Will try to let you know when I post it.

Thanks again, looking forward to reading the study in more detail.