Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monitoring patients for HIT

Guidelines exist for monitoring hospitalized patients for the development of HIT and for evaluation of patients who develop thrombocytopenia. How well are they followed? Not very well at one academic medical center in the Netherlands:

The frequency of compliance with platelet count monitoring recommendations was 26.3% for all patients receiving dalteparin, 35.6% for all patients receiving nadroparin, 23.0% for surgical patients receiving prophylactic dosing of either dalteparin or nadroparin, and 41.5% for patients exposed to UFH within 100 days before the start of either dalteparin or nadroparin treatment. Regular platelet count monitoring was strongly positively associated with medical patients (relative risk [RR] 2.33), surgical patients (RR 2.03), critically ill patients (RR 2.80), and those with recent exposure to UFH (RR 2.19). The frequency of testing for HPF4-Ab was 5.4% and the initiation of alternative anticoagulation with danaparoid in patients with a 50% drop in platelet count was 0%.

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