Thursday, January 21, 2010

New York Times review of The Checklist Manifesto

From the review:

A hospital, as the saying goes, is no place for sick people. It’s filled with hazards to your health, not least of which are the myriad infections, missed diagnoses, dosage mistakes and other complications that arise from human error. And in a hospital, human error seems all but inevitable. How can any one individual, or even any one team of individuals, keep all the tasks straight and anticipate all eventualities 100 percent of the time?

You can't, but checklists may help, and that's apparently what the book is about. Why not make your own checklist to cover the areas most likely to bite you? Did you address DVT prophylaxis? Did you continue the home meds that need to be given and hold the ones that need to be held? Have you looked at today's labs and ordered tomorrow's? You can use the EMR to incorporate these into your daily rounding note.

This might be a book worth having. Now where did I put that Barnes and Noble gift card?

Via Clinical Cases and Images.

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