Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And you thought medicine was about the doctor-patient relationship? “How 20th century!”

Please read this post from Health Care BS on the real docs-fake notes story. Here's the message: We're dealing with something more significant than individual docs behaving badly. Yes, there's that, but if you think that's all it is you're missing the main point. Go to the web sites of state medical boards and you'll find notices about dozens of doctors every month committing far worse breaches and they're not considered particularly newsworthy.

No, what's going on here is something more pervasive. It's about an emerging new definition of professionalism which, as discussed in the post, is being advanced by our professional organizations (well, some of the more prominent ones, anyway). Pause here for a disclaimer. I'm not implying that the official boosters of this new professionalism advocate fraud. I am suggesting that this new emphasis on social activism and community concern over individual patient care has consequences, and we are seeing those consequences in action.

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