Monday, February 28, 2011

More evidence that preoperative statin therapy is beneficial

In patients undergoing infrarenal aortic surgery:

Methods: In this observational study involving 1,674 patients undergoing aortic reconstruction, we prospectively assessed chronic statin therapy compared with no statin therapy, with regard to serious outcomes, by propensity score and multivariable methods...
...statins were associated with an almost threefold reduction in the risk of death in patients undergoing major vascular surgery (odds ratio: 0.40; 95% CI: 0.28–0.59) and an almost twofold reduction in the risk of postoperative myocardial infarction (odds ratio: 0.52; 95% CI: 0.38–0.71). Likewise, the use of chronic statin therapy was associated with a reduced risk of postoperative stroke and renal failure.

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