Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paul Levy's resignation

I know I'm late with this. Levy resigned as CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on January 7. I became aware the other day when I surfed over to his blog now named Not Running a Hospital. After a brief post acknowledging the resignation on January 7 he continued the blog, under its new name, seamlessly.

Here's one of many media stories about the resignation, quoting Levy's very carefully crafted apology:

"Over the last nine years, I have certainly made mistakes of degree, emphasis, and judgment,'' Levy said in his e-mail. "I have apologized to you directly for some of those, but I do so again, in the hope that such errors will not overshadow the many accomplishments and contributions of our hospital to the community and the health care industry. On the personal level, if I have slighted any one of you in any way or given you any cause for concern about my warm regard and respect for you, I doubly apologize.''

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