Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ethicist “stunned, absolutely stunned” about the behavior of Wisconsin street docs

Dr. Arthur Derse, an ethicist at the Medical College of Wisconsin, is thus quoted in yesterday's Atlantic article. From that piece we learn that the UW is investigating, the Wisconsin Medical Society is aware, the state medical board is aware, and the author of the Atlantic piece, Ford Vox, has requested interviews with the involved FP faculty docs.

Vox opines:

It's sad, but what puzzles me most is how in the world three of the four physicians I can identify from these videos and other media reports are faculty members of UW's Family Medicine department, and one is a senior resident in that same department. It's a good training program, committed to providing sorely-needed primary care doctors to the state of Wisconsin. It teaches professionalism, and its faculty are supposed to model integrity.

Well, not now.

DB weighs in here

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