Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Donald Berwick's incoherence

Although few people, including Berwick's detractors, seem to have noticed, I have blogged for some time about the fact that Dr. Berwick, the recess-appointed head of CMS, talks out of both sides of his mouth (see posts here, here and here). It makes it very difficult to know where he stands. (Central planners take note: when your head of CMS goes on record be prepared to toss it down the memory hole because the tune is likely to change in six months).

Well, the incoherence apparently surfaced again when Berwick testified on February 10 before the House Ways and Means Committee. According to this piece by David Catron when Berwick was questioned about his love affair with the NHS, his opposition to free market principles and his support of rationing he weaseled out.

Dr. Berwick, you're a fascinating guy. We'd love to know where you stand. Why not take a couple of months off, do some mindful meditating, decide what you really think about health care policy, then come on back.


Virginia Doc said...

Jesus, you've really gone all "Get off my lawn" lately. Not that I disagree with you about the Wisconsin debacle, but if I want a bitter-old-man show, I'll stick with Gran Torino.

R. W. Donnell said...

As always I appreciate your concern for how I manage my blog. (BTW, there's a sidebar on the right where you can click on the category of your choice and go straight to the clinical content). And thanks for the bitter-old-man reference.

R. W. Donnell said...

Oh, and Doc---

You're right, I am old. But bitter? Nah. Amused is more like it. This Wisconsin thing is hilarious.